Utility surveyors from Anglia Land Surveys Limited

At Anglia Land Surveys we have over 10 years of experience in the mapping of underground services. Our clients are becoming increasingly aware of the risks of buried services when planning their projects, with many large contractors now having a requirement for such a survey prior to any excavation work commencing on site.

It is now possible with the location and mapping of buried services to supply detailed and accurate plans for issue to contractors involved with a project. At Anglia Land Surveys the first step would be to obtain the statutory records. These will allow us to perform a desktop study prior to setting foot on site. Once on site we employ the use of EML (electromagnetic locators) to trace the line and depth of buried services. This method is tried and tested and is capable of finding most buried services. The limitations though are that given that the system relies on an electrical current to pass through the service it cannot trace the route of non-metallic services such as plastic or clay pipes. ALS has in more recent years begun to employ the use of ground penetrating radar (GPR). This system also has its limitations, however when used in conjunction with other techniques allows the surveyor to complete a detailed picture of the buried services. When a service is traced it is marked on the ground and recorded using GPS on to a topographic map. This method creates a permanent record of the service even when the ground features may be altered, for example when building has been completed.

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