Setting out service in Norwich

Following on from our initial site surveys, architects and engineers produce detailed design and layout drawings. From this we are able return to site and accurately position and set out new buildings, roads and drainage layouts.

Our survey teams have experience in many disciplines including; housing developments, highway, sewers, piling and larger civil engineering projects.

We are also able supply coordinated setting out information to site engineers for their own requirements. This can be in the form of coordinate spread sheets, schedules and annotated drawings.

If you require setting out engineers for a small site, or a long term project we can help.

Please contact us to discuss more information specific to your site

Setting out and design services

• Our key areas of expertise include:

• Control establishment and maintenance

• Coordinated pegging out to local grid

• Coordinated pegging out to Ordnance Survey (OS) National Grid

• Site levels and profile boards

• As built check surveys

• Platform and earthwork design

• Cut and fill analysis and balancing

• Volume and area computation

• Land and sewer surveys for highway adoption

• Reservoir design and setting out

An as built survey of a reservoir designed and set out by Anglia Land Surveys Ltd. Through all construction phases the earthworks can be checked against the design model and cross section. In this example on completion the capacity was computed for comparison with the design volume at depth intervals.

Using our specialist survey software package we can design all types of earthworks and apply adjustments to balance cut and fill volumes reducing the quantity of waste material to be removed.

At ALS, we have a good working relationship with many local and national builders and construction companies, should you require any services please contact us and we can point you in the right direction.

Setting out and design services are offered on an hourly rate or day rate depending on the nature of your site. Anglia Land Surveys Limited can also help you solve boundary disputes the right way. Get in touch with us from more information.