Boundary dispute resolution in Norwich

At Anglia Land Surveys Ltd our services are often employed in the field of boundary dispute resolution. The current system of boundary registration in the UK is based on the ‘general boundaries’ rule. This presents a problem where the boundary is required to be defined accurately. Until more recently there was no system in place for defining a boundary accurately on plan. The introduction of the Act 2002 has sought to deal with this with the introduction of the system of ‘determined boundary’ plans. The take up of this has been slow so the vast majority of properties in the UK are still considered under the old system. The problem therefore of determining the boundary needs to be looked at from several angles.

The techniques employed by ALS are sometimes site specific but based on all the information available. We would start the process with a full measured survey of the property and where possible the adjacent property boundaries will also be surveyed. All surveys are carried out using GPS and referenced to the current Ordnance Survey map in our CAD system. If the property is registered with the Land Registry the current Title plan will be overlaid with the topographic map. This alone is not a valid depiction of the true boundary position so all plans attached to the title deeds such as a conveyance plan will also be referenced.

At ALS we have many years’ experience in dealing with such disputes and are fully aware of the legal implications of dealing in such a matter. We are therefore equipped with all the modern technology and knowledge to help our clients to find a solution to the problem at hand. We understand that a boundary dispute can be a difficult and stressful experience and can have serious implications when selling a property. In this situation a Land Surveyor is the right person to speak to and at Anglia Land Surveys Ltd we aim to resolve the matter faster and cheaper than can be achieved from the legal process.

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