Anglia Land Surveys

ALS are UK based GPS land surveyors, specialising in topographical land surveys, measured building surveys, land registry compliant plans, site setting out and earthwork calculations.

Welcome to Anglia Land Surveys Ltd. Established in 1976, we are one of the leading measured survey companies in East Anglia, UK. Our survey office is now based in Norwich, Norfolk.

Our staff are employed in a range of surveying fields using the latest measuring technology. We endeavour to produce detailed, precise and speedy measured surveys for our clients at a cost effective price.


Land surveyors

Topographical land surveyors

A rigorous measured land survey by total station and GPS is an excellent starting block for your development. Instructing a land surveyor at the beginning of the planning stage will help save time and money for the duration of your project. At Anglia Land Surveys Ltd we specialise in producing accurate topographical site surveys at a scale and level of detail to meet our client’s needs. We have a varied range of customers and our land surveyors frequently travel throughout East Anglia and the UK.


Building surveys

Measured building surveyors

At Anglia Land Surveys we employ dedicated building surveyors experienced in producing a high standard of measured floor plans as specified by our clients. Using total station theodolites, PowerCAD floor plan/elevation software and hand-held measuring lasers we can record every distance, level and angular measurement required.

Our surveyors are experienced at working in a wide range of environments including; listed buildings and busy business premises for office lease plans.


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