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Land surveys using CCTV cameras

Reliable CCTV surveyors in Norwich

With the introduction of a CCTV crew ALS are now able to offer the complete site surveying package. The CCTV survey is a great way to complete the picture of both the routes and conditions of the drainage system on a site. Using a camera mounted onto a long rod we can create a real-time video of the camera passing through the pipe. Any defects in the system can then be recorded within a report accompanying the video footage. Our surveyors can then pass a sonde through the pipe; this is a small transmitter which sends a signal capable of being located by one of our electro-magnetic locators. This allows us to complete the full picture of the drainage system on site with routes recorded on to a topographic map with full reference to the CCTV report.


We can offer full or half day rates for this service, alternatively we can supply costs as a complete package for a full site survey, including a topographic map, a map of the services and a full drainage report.


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